What is an electric motor?

The main parts of an electric motor are the field coil, which is usually attached to the housing on the inside, which could be a magnet or an electromagnet and the rotor 1/2 HP 56 Motors – MROSupply.com. Another important piece in electric motors is the armature, which is the central axis of the motor, and as the name suggests is induced to rotate by the ratio of the magnetic fields of the coil and it. When fed, by electric current, the field coil begins to generate a magnetic field around the winding, due to the current that circulates in it. If we have a natural magnet this field will always exist around the induced one.

An electric motor is basically made up of a set of parts mounted on a metal carafe and on all DC motors there are the same parts, changing only the size according to the size of the motor. In them, through graphite brushes that slide in the armature collector there is a circulation of electric current through the armature winding, this creates a magnetic field. The magnetic fields of the field coil and the armature adjust suitably, if attracted by repelling each other alternately, then the armored bearing armature begins to rotate.

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